Skilled Leadership

Our corporate leadership team has more than 50 years of combined experience in government healthcare staffing. We are adept at a wide range of contract vehicles and understand the requirements, procedures and intricacies of working with federal government agencies. We work to exceed expectations and pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service.

Proven Track Record

Along with our sister companies, Kako‘o Services has recruited and placed more than 1,200 Full-time Equivalents (FTEs) in 30+ states throughout the U.S. including Alaska and Hawai‘i. Our reach in the Continental U.S. and the Pacific Basin makes us a unique small business entity in the federal marketplace.

Strong Partnerships

By partnering with other government contracting entities, we’re able to bid on larger contracts, execute more complex assignments, share resources that result in cost efficiencies, and build lasting relationships with government agencies.

Past Partnerships Include:

  • Kūhana Associates, LLC
  • Kili, LLC
  • Akahi Associates, LLC
  • Kahua, LLC
  • Spectrum Healthcare Resources, Inc.
  • Kako‘o Spectrum Healthcare Solutions, LLC
  • Nationwide Healthcare Solutions, LLC
  • InGenesis, Inc.
  • Akahi InGenesis Partners, LLC
  • Bestica, Inc.
  • Saratoga Medical, Inc.
  • Oloop Technology Solutions, LLC
  • KurzSolutions
  • Jackson + Coker Locum Tenens
  • Donald Mooney Enterprises, LLC
  • Ho‘olaulima Government Solutions, LLC
  • Kelly Government Solutions, Inc.

Gold Seal of Approval

Two of our joint venture partners, Spectrum Healthcare Solutions and Nationwide Healthcare Solutions have been awarded the Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission. The Gold Seal is considered the international standard for healthcare quality in the areas of leadership, human resources, information management, and performance management and improvement.


Kako‘o Services (8C7C7)   Kako‘o Spectrum Healthcare Solutions JV (8LFR2)   Nationwide Healthcare Solutions JV (8SWU2)


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